The Independence Pledge is an effective first step for companies to minimize the risk of misleading environmental and human rights supply chain due diligence disclosures. This commitment can help businesses meet government independent verification expectations as well as maintain stakeholder support.

When we think about independence, the first thing that comes to mind is credibility. The Independence Pledge was created as a way of establishing a pathway to greater public trust and enhancing information integrity in our industry by being open with how much alignment there really is between us and the realities of operating an ongoing supply chain due diligence process, that enables companies to proactively address their environmental and human rights impacts and conduct their business in a responsible manner.

The idea to create the Independence Pledge came up during industry conferences and peer-to-peer meetings on how to build greater public trust in environmental and human rights data verification and evolved from there. As a group of committed people in the supply chain due diligence industry, we feel that independence should translate into public confidence. To set an example for government and stakeholders, industry needs to openly communicate how much we are aligned with foundational credibility expectations and acting. In other words, to be truly credible, we should be transparent about what we are independent about.
Steering Team
The steering team coordinates the activities and decision-making as well as supports development of all materials and resources that assist industry members in applying the Independence Pledge. The Steering Group is composed of individuals, private sector and civil society representatives addressing environmental and human rights issues from both global and local perspectives. The Steering Group strives to take all decisions by consensus. Steering team members.

The Steering Team is currently interviewing philanthropic and social impact organizations dedicated to cultivating better people and planet issues to host the Independence Pledge. The goal of the Independence Pledge is to continue to advance work on building greater public trust in verified environmental and human rights data through the work of a diverse coalition of individuals and organizations dedicated to unbiased and credible reporting, supported by aligned funders and donors.
Supporting Partners