The environmental and human rights supply chain due diligence
independence pledge
The Independence Pledge provides a reference for implementing due diligence processes that help companies meet both regulatory and stakeholder expectations for credible independent verification of environmental and human rights supply chain claims.

The lack of credible independent verification hides underlying supply chain problems and misleads consumers over environmental and human rights credentials of companies. Companies that sign the independence pledge commit to improving credibility in the verification and reporting of environmental and human rights outcomes in their supply chains.

Each company that signs the Independence Pledge agrees to take at least the following steps within six months of signing it.
When contracting environmental or human rights supply chain due diligence measurement activities, prioritize the use of independent parties.
Take proactive steps to limit and mitigate current and potential conflicts of interest in your supply due diligence measurement activities.
Support a transparent process for public disclosure of applicable service providers for independently verified environmental or human rights supply chain due diligence reports and associated claims.
Require all contracted environmental and human rights supply chain due diligence measurement service providers to join the Independence Pledge Coalition as Signatories.
Publicly support and communicate your organization's commitment to the Independence Pledge.
It's not what we call a system that matters. It's how it actually functions. Independence is the glue that holds measurement systems and credible reporting together.
Andre Raghu, HAP
Standards systems and their frameworks have an important role if the results are genuine. True independent mechanisms that prioritize meaningful and measurable engagement, is the only way to avoid a false sense of progress.
Crispin Argento, The Sourcery
There are many uncomfortable realities in trying to implement an effective due diligence program across a complex supply chain however independence in verification is just a fundamental foundation to establishing trust.
James McMichael, Mosaic RSR
Beyond the pledge. Suggestions for taking the pledge a step further.
Ensure policies and management systems are tailored to the risk of independence in the verification of environmental and human rights data.
Conduct an alignment assessment to evaluate if your supply chain due diligence program aligns with government and stakeholder recommendations.
Build business networks of assessment organizations and independent assessors to provide peer-to peer information and a dual mechanism for external assurance of the outputs and accuracy of reported data.